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Letter of Agency for Local Phone Numbers
Kall8 Account Number: _____________ (if applicable)
The undersigned has selected Kall8 to act as an inbound phone number provider for the local numbers listed below. Kall8 has been authorized to act as an agent for the undersigned for the purpose of taking such actions as may be required on behalf of the undersigned to implement this selection.
Current Carrier: ___________________________________________
Current Carrier Account No.: ___________________________________________
PIN (if applicable): ___________________________________________
Holder Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
City, State, ZIP: ___________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________________________________
Authorized Signature: ___________________________________________
Signature Name (printed) ___________________________________________
Contact E-Mail Address: ___________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________
Fees Per Number: One time port fee: $30
  Monthly recurring: $5
This Letter of Agency (LOA) pertains to the following local DID’s:
Local Number Where number should ring through to
All inbound phone numbers must be listed. If number of local numbers exceeds 10, please attach list of numbers and notate above "see attached list".